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Bambi started off as a book that was made in 1923 and then later in 1942 was produced and made into a family movie, after that in 2006 a sequal was made. bambi the iconic deer had many friends including thumper and flower. the story bambi is about a male deer joining his friends in exploring the forrest he calls home.

This is bambi with thumper.

Fun Facts about the one and only... Bambi!

Name: Bambi
Species: Deer
how many movies made: 2

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More Bambi Facts!!

The character bambi was actually adabted from an australian book "bambi, a life in the woods" written by the australian author Felix Salten.

In America Bambi the film reached top 3 on their movie charts.

All though bambi is an oldie but goodie it was releaced in World War II so it lost a lot of accessibility to many countries which means it actually wasnt very successful.

Bambi the film actually won three academy awards for best song, best sound and oringinal music score.

When making the film Bambi, the producers wanted to make the animals look more lifelike and realistic, so they visited the Los Angeles zoo and set up a small zoo studio, so they could see all their movements.